Spring Fever

So with the warmer weather comes more activities and lots of things to do.  Work has picked up a little, pet sitting is steady, and my photography is growing.  I haven’t had much time to really work on what i want to in terms of photography for my etsy site, but i do have three photo sessions this weekend.  Sheesh!  Well, i did it to myself i guess. 

It’s a good sheesh.  I’ll get three more sessions of experience, all different, to add to my portfolio and build my skills.  I’m excited and hope they all work out.  Furthermore, i have another two sessions in the works for sometime soon and am photographing a pageant soon too.  All these things make me happy that i’m finally getting some experience.  Practice makes perfect, right? 

I also have some ideas for the direction i want my artistic photography to go but just haven’t had the time to actually work on them or try anything.  Hopefully soon now that the weather is getting better.  Of course working two jobs and owning your own business doesn’t give much time either.  All in good time i guess, all in good time. 

So, Sweet World, do you find yourself getting busier as spring approaches?  What are you trying to find time for these days? 

Happy Thursday!



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3 responses to “Spring Fever

  1. how fun, all these possibilities ahead! i am trying to find time for so, so much…photography – i am thinking of taking the artistic approach as well, rather than portrait…though i need a lot of work + practice. creating a business plan – an idea i am SO excited about. crafting – trying to learn how to use my hands to create.

  2. Girl, you are busy as a bee…tee hee! Excited for you about your photo shoots!

    I’m making time to come see my cuz this weekend, yay!

    Jamie 🙂

  3. glad to hear things are picking up for you, even if it does mean you are busy!

    i’ve definitely been busy now that the warm weather has made an appearance. spending quite a bit of time in the garden, but i can’t complain too much!

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