Weekly Photography Tip #3

I know this week i’m a little late with the photography tip than i have been the past couple weeks but i was so excited about my new fine art prints that i had to share.  Then i was busy with work for a couple days.  But now i’m back with tip #3.   If you missed the first two tips, catch up here for #1 and here for #2. 

This week’s topic:  Exposure Compensation

Exposure compensation is a way you can lighten or darken a photo right on your camera before you take the picture.  You would use this if the lighting was too dark or too light and you wanted to compensate for it.  Sometimes auto-exposure just doesn’t pick the correct exposure and you’ll want to manually change it.  This is just another way to control the amount of light that goes through the lens when you take a photograph.

Usually there is a button with a plus and minus sign (+/-) on your camera to use this function.  Most DSLR’s have this button on the top near the dial or on/off switch.   When you press this button, you’ll see a scale with negatives and positives.  Here’s an example (courtesy of digicamhelp.com):


Turn the dial or use the left and right arrow keys (whichever your camera uses for menu functions) to set the exposure up or down.  The further down negative numbers, the darker the photograph will be and the further up the positive numbers, the lighter the photograph will be. 

So, if lighting is a little dark and you want to lighten the photo right then and there, use the exposure compenstation to go up a few notches until you find the right setting you desire for the particular photograph.  This is a very simple function to change lighting options.  Check your manual for further information on this function and particulars for your camera. 

Hope this helps!



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3 responses to “Weekly Photography Tip #3

  1. cool tip. Thanks for stopping by my blog…. I’m glad you liked my “birds on a wire” ..lol

  2. I love learning new tips from you cuz, I need all the help I can get, tee hee! Check my post today…I gave you some linky love on the Crazy B pics! Thanks for taking those too.

    Jamie 🙂

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