• I will be leaving work a little early today to take advantage of the sunshine, mostly for photo opportunities  🙂
  • There are a couple new items in my shop for that perfect spring note just to say hello
  • I think a ladybug is buzzing against the window at work and distracting me as i write this post
  • I think this post is distracting me from actually working
  • I know the internet is definately distracting me from getting work done today this week
  • Work is slow this week so i think it’s ok that i’m distracted
  • Enough about work, here are a couple new items i just purchased from a wonderful etsy shop called hidenseek – LOVE her artwork mucho! (images courtesy of her etsy shop)






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6 responses to “Tidbits

  1. Hi there — linked over from kath and margie’s site. Cute cards indeed, and I hope you had a great photo outing … You’ve got a great blog! :~)

  2. Like the way you did this post!! Great tidbits. Hope you enjoyed your photo opp!



  3. it was rainy here today. i’m glad you had a beautiful sunny day!

  4. i hope that you enjoyed your afternoon! if you are talking about the cards in your shop, i love them. i favorited a set yesterday!

  5. Ooo, lala…those are beautiful, I gotta check her out! Funny post about being distracted, tee hee…I’m always distracted. Sorry I’ve been MIA this week cuz, it’s been crazy. But your ink came in today, yay!

    Jamie 🙂

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