Quick Photography Definitions and More

Wow.  What a week.  Hehe.  It’s been a busy one and this weekend will be kinda busy too with a fun trip happening.  But, i promised a photography tip this week so i’ll stay true on my word for this post.  However, instead of a tip, i’m going to just go through some photography related definitions that are most common and you may or may not have heard before.  Here goes:

Shutter – A movable physical barrier inside a camera or a lens which normally does not let light pass. However, when triggered, the shutter opens for a usually brief and precisely calibrated period of time before springing shut again.

Aperture – variable opening produced by the iris-diaphragm through which light passes to the film plane. 

F-stop – the numbers used to indicate the amount of light that a lens lets in. Used to measure aperture.  Example: Cameras can have settings of  f/4,  f/5.6,  f/8 and  f/16.  The smaller the number, the more light comes in and vice versa.

Bokeh – Japenese word for “blurring”; the quality of the out of focus areas of a picture.  Used mostly in portraits where the background is blurry to focus more on the subject.

SLR – Single lens reflex; refers to a camera with one lens that involves a mirror and prism that the photographer looks through to take the photograph.   

Histogram –  a two-dimensional graph showing the brightness of an image.  Most likely used to tell if an image is over or under exposed.

Did you know that the word “photography” is Greek and means “painting or writing with light”?

So, those are just a few words you may see and not know exactly what they mean.  Some of these things i’ll also touch more in detail on in future tip posts.  Are there any words you’ve heard related to photography and need more clarification on?  Feel free to email me or ask me any questions and i’ll do my best to help you out! 

Have a great weekend, Sweet World!  And don’t forget to check out all the new goodies at the shop!

(definitions and tidbit courtesy of betterphoto.com and photonotes.org)




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6 responses to “Quick Photography Definitions and More

  1. Ann

    I jumped over from SITS…and so happy I did. Nice blog. I love to take photos, but do not have “skills”…like you!.

    Off to look at more…

    Come on over to my blog, I have a super cute Monogram Bag giveaway going on!

  2. Beautiful!
    Love your processing.

  3. Thanks for the terminology cuz! You are a rock star on the camera!

    Jamie 🙂

  4. Oh I love the meaning of photography!! Great help with the definitions, thanks! Great photo skills!

  5. Beautiful!
    We hope you had a great Easter and thanks for visiting our blog!

  6. A

    You have some great pictures… I’m adding you to my reader so I can check your blog out some more 🙂

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