Friday Dippy and Linky Love


Today is an absolutely gorgeous spring day so this girl won’t be sitting in the office for too much longer.  I’m definately going to go explore the sweet world today.  Not sure where, but it will be explored.  I can promise you that.  Please enjoy the above diptych.  Doesn’t it make you just wanna relax in your budoir with nothing else to do?  It’s available, along with some other new prints, in the HelloSweetWorld shop.  And while you’re enjoying this piece from me, please enjoy these pieces from others:

Enjoy the weekend, Sweet World!  It’s sure to be a nice one. 



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4 responses to “Friday Dippy and Linky Love

  1. p.s. Tried commenting on other entries and won’t work. FYI

  2. ooh…I am SO enjoying your delightful diptych!

    happy weekend!

  3. hello girl! I wanted to say thanks for your kind words on the post about my uncle. it meant a lot to me! i appreciate it!

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