Down, and Simplify

For the past few days, i’ve been feeling down and yes, i’d have to admit, a little pessimistic, about my job, my photography and just life in general.  Even though i have no right, and know it, to feel down because i am blessed with everything i’ve got – my family and friends, my good health, a job (or two) – i still was just down in the dumps. 


My job has not been too enjoyable lately.  Some of our benefits are being taken away due to hard times.  Morale is down and it’s tough.  But i guess i am lucky enough to still have a job, even without all the perks. Then i see other photographer’s works and think “Wow, i could never be as good as them.  That photo is amazing.”  Or my submission will be turned down for one reason or another.  Then i start to feel like my photography just isn’t good enough.  But i know i’m trying my best and that it’s all a learning process.  Of course i can’t be an amazing photographer in one night.  That’s just the impatience in me wanting to be.  


I do have my accomplishments that i’m so happy with and did get a few emails this morning regarding my photography that made me stoked (more on that later)!  But even if i didn’t, i’d still keep going because photography is what makes me smile and is what keeps me sane through the hard times.  It’s my outlet – viewers or no viewers.  

Also in my inbox was an email from my Mom.  It was a quote from a book she has that’s called A Blue Mountain Arts Collection.  And it couldn’t be more perfect in relating to my now. 


“Simplifying is not necessarily about getting rid of everthing we’ve

worked so hard for. It’s about making wise choices among the

things we now have to choose from. It’s about recognizing that trying

to have it all has gotten in the way of enjoying the things which do

add to our happiness and well-being. So it’s about deciding what’s

important to us, and gracefully letting go of the things that aren’t.”


So, Sweet World, this post is my heart right now.  I didn’t know if i should post it or not but i know that a lot of people are having hard times now, too.  You’re not alone and if there’s anything i can do to help, feel free to send me an email.  Even chatting for a bit can help.  And thanks so much for listening (er, reading) to this not-so-great post and still visiting my blog and shop when you do.  It means so much to me!  I really do appreciate all my followers! 





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12 responses to “Down, and Simplify

  1. What a fantastic quote, I may have to use that on cards! My human mom says your work is fabulous…I just say Tail Wags to All!

  2. I’m here for ya cuz…I LOVE YOU 🙂 I’m starting to feel this sucky economy too…down to crunch time for me…very scary. I hope your job gets better.

    Jamie 🙂

  3. Your Mom is very wise. Thanks for your kind words today. I guess we all have these little crises of faith in ourselves from time to time.

  4. TerynAshley

    I feel the same way! Down in the dumps… not feeling like I’m as good as other photographers… Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hey now…it’s okay to feel down.

    And your photography is beautiful and inspiring as ever.

    If you feel your photography isn’t working…put it down for a while. Refocus. Do something entirely different that inspires you.(best advise I ever got from a friend)

    We all feel this way about work, art and life.
    you are not alone.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Deb

    What a beautiful quote. I can tell that you love what you do, and that is all that is important right now. We can only control what we can control and it sounds like you have all of the essential things that you need. Times are tough and I’m feeling the same way, hang in there!

  7. i adore your photography + cannot wait to see where it takes you. your perspective is refreshing + i find in your images so many things…beauty, inspiration, feeling + more.

    thank you so much for posting this, i have been feeling so overwhelmed + stuck lately. unsure how to move forward, though i know i want to. full of doubt + uncertainty. swallowed by everything that i am supposed to be doing. feeling down when i know that i am incredibly blessed. these words were perfectly times, perfectly said. so thank you. for giving me a perspective i needed to see what i needed to see + to do what i need to do.

  8. i for one, love your photography. i’d give quite a bit to be able to take pictures like you do! it is hard right now with everything going on in the world to think about the things we are blessed to have. i sure know that. it is ok to have hard times and feel down. just don’t stay down. i know i sure appreciate you and am so glad i came across your blog!

  9. I love that quote and I love your photography. I know you’re feeling better now from your latest post. Sometimes when I’m feeling down, because my writing is not as good as someone else’s or I’m worrying about the hard times and lack of money, etc., I remind myself that it’s a MOOD and tomorrow I will feel differently.


  10. I think we all have those days. They suck, don’t they?

  11. Thank you for sharing that quote- you are not alone! I find it to be hard to always keep things in perspective and to balance what I feel inspired to do with reality of living. My goal at the moment is to take it one day at a time, which sounds cliche, but has been so helpful (I lost my job, which I adored, about 7 weeks ago) and make sure I’m doing something everyday that I love. Most days, that means winding down with a hoop’s worth of stitches in my current quilting project.

  12. CDB

    I LOVE this quote that your Mom sent, and read it about 40 times.. this is great for me right now, as well.

    I also really enjoy your photography.. gorgeous. I’m trying to advance mine to the next level but I’m finding there are so many odds against me (mainly that I’m using a 35mm FILM SLR!)

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