Happy Earth Day!

Being an environmentalist and all (even though i think some of my co-workers could care less), Earth Day is important to me.  I really do my part every day to help out.  I mean, after all, we’ve only got one earth – and it’s gorgeous.  Why would we destroy it?  I’m sure lots of people think they aren’t or just don’t care because “they won’t be here” when the time comes down to the nitty gritty to save it.  Well, i’d love to ask those people this question – don’t you care about your children and grandchildren’s futures?  But they still don’t see it that way. 

There’s tons of way-simple things one can do to help out.  Here’s a few:

  • Recycle!  It’s so easy, especially when a lot of municipalities give you a bin to put at your curb.  If it’s made that easy, you have no excuse – none (I do know people who have this service and still don’t use it, and they have children- that’s terrible). 
  • Turn off the lights or adjust the thermostat.  Close the fridge door.  Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.  These simple things help, and they also help your utility bills too. 
  • Switch to a new energy-saving light bulb.  They may be a little more expensive than normal ones but guess what?  They last longer and also cut down your electric bill.  I’m serious (No, really – take it from someone who only pays $30 per month for electricity). 
  • Buy energy saving appliances.  Turn off appliances at night or when you’re not home.  I’m not talking about the fridge, silly – just computers, radios, TVs and the like. 
  • Walk or ride a bike instead of driving a short distance.  You’ll help reduce emissions and get some exercise, which makes you happier anyway!  (It’s true.  Exercise increases endorphins in your body, and those are the little things that make you feel happy.)
  • Use city transportation or carpool for longer distances.  You may meet new people and see new things that you usually don’t while concentrating on the road while driving.  Plus, you’ll have someone to talk to. 
  • Avoid products with lots of packaging, including plastics.  Most people don’t know, but plastic is made from petroleum, and it’s also easier to produce new plastic than to recycle it so this just adds more to landfills.  Yuk!
  • And i’m gonna add this just because i love the animals.  Use non-animal testing products!  You wouldn’t want your little Fido tortured just to make sure you’re make-up won’t burn your skin, would ya?  Didn’t think so.  Plus, you’ll feel better about knowing you didn’t have to harm anything just to wash your hands. 
  • Oh, and one more thing – if you see a piece of trash or two, just pick it up and put it where it belongs. 

So, Sweet World – have a great Earth Day and start doing something that’s gonna help.  Every little bit really does help, a bunch!  Cuz if everyone did a little bit, it’d really turn into a lot.  And yes, i do all these things, i’m not just preaching to the choir here. 

And also remember, i’ve got free shipping in the shop until midnight tonight with the code EarthDay.  Don’t miss out!



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7 responses to “Happy Earth Day!

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  2. This is such a great list — you are right, if everyone did just a little bit we could move mountains.

    Happy Earth Day.

  3. dianeschuller

    Happy Earth Day from another eco-geek! Great to see you also mention the animals. I did an Earth Day blog at both my regular one and at my dog blog today. Let’s hope lots of people pay attention to our words!

  4. Love all the tips cuz! I care :-)j

    Jamie 🙂

  5. Great ideas…but can I just say one thing about those energy saving light bulbs……PLEASE everyone take them to the recycling center. Don’t ever just throw them in the trash. Home Depot sells thousands of those light bulbs a week…and only gets a very very small number of them back in the recycling bins. They have mercury and are not safe to just throw away! And it’s scary when you realize how many of them are just being tossed into the trash.

  6. Great ideas. Thanks for raising consciousness of this topic. Every day is Earth Day, isn’t it?

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