The Enchanted Woods

This past Saturday was an absolutely warm, beautiful day here in Southwest Virginia.  So, knowing me, i had to spend most of it outdoors.  My bo and i visited Earth Day festivies and enjoyed some live music in the sunshine.  Then we visited a couple parks to further enjoy the weather.  One of these parks is a special place i’d like to share with you.  Won’t you come along? 

We’re now entering the enchanted woods. 


Let’s walk down in between the trees and see what we find, shall we? 

What’s this?  Aren’t these the most magical little guys you’ve ever seen? Good thing we didn’t crush them.  I wonder where the little gnomes they belong to are hiding?  Let’s keep walking and see if we can find them.


Nope, no sign of gnomes.  They are sly peoples you know.  Always scurrying about but never to be seen or heard.  Wouldn’t you like to have that ability at times? 

But what have we come across this time?  Look at these lovely ladies trying to be all shy.  Come on ladies, there’s no shame in a little color.  It makes the world a brighter place.  And your color is quite lovely.


So, Sweet World – there’s a small view into my enchanted Saturday.  Did you have fun on the journey?  I sure hope so.  Now i’m off to start another journey for an extended weekend.  Don’t you wonder where i’m going this time?



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9 responses to “The Enchanted Woods

  1. OMG, that shroom is wonderful! Loved the adventure…can’t wait to see what you get into this weekend 😉

    Jamie 🙂

  2. I love the image of the woods…perfect light and the compostion is wonderful how it leads the eye in. Very sweet little story.

  3. Very nice trip through the woods. It’s supposed to be beautiful here this weekend (finally) and I have to work the whole weekend! NO FAIR!

  4. The first image is especially captivating. I can just teleport myself there. Wow.

    What a sweet world it is indeed.

  5. Looks like you really did have a fun journey… and I love that first photo! Gorgeous!!


  6. i absolutely love that first photo. it is so beautiful!!

  7. CDB

    I love that first shot of the woods.. gorgeous. Kind of a cool effect, too! Did you find that online?

    P.S. We used to live in Charlottesville, so I can appreciate the material you are working with in SW VA! (We’re now in Nova).

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