Some Bad News, Featured and an Award

Well, this week sure took a turn yesterday.  I’ll be posting as much as i can in the next week or so but after that it’ll be hit or miss for a while until some things get straightened out.  I apologize for this in advance and hope you’ll stick with me through these times.  After next week, i will no longer be working my full time job due to the so-called “down-sizing” and will only be working my part-time job, along with still running my pet sitting business and trying to get that photography business going.  Wow – i know.  I knew changes were coming but didn’t think it’d be this soon.  So, if anyone hears of any environmental or photography opportunities (any geographical location is fine, really, though i do prefer warm weather…hehe), please send them my way.  I’d appreciate it. 

Now on to the good stuff!  Today i’m the feature on a cute little blog called “Things We Make” and i’m so excited!  I was so happy when Ms. Amy emailed me and asked me to participate in the Inspired Image of the week!  So, go check it out and then bookmark/follow this blog because it’s the cutest!  And it has great tips, too!  Thanks Amy!

Also, last week, my cousin over at Stampin’ Mom gave me an award!  Yay!  Thanks, Cuz!  It’s called the Works of Heart Blog Award and it’s the sweetest thing! 


So, in true bloggy fashion, i’ll pass it on to:

Have a great weekend everyone!



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11 responses to “Some Bad News, Featured and an Award

  1. You’re the best, thank you!! And as someone who recently lost my job, I completely understand what you’re going through. Hang in there and be open to new opportunities that come your way- you never know what is in store for you next! But given how talented you are, I’m sure that it will be great!

  2. Man cuz, screw a comment, I’m calling you now 😦

    Jamie 🙂

  3. hang in there. all this means is that something better is coming your way. you’ll find something, especially with how talented you are.

    thanks for the award 🙂

  4. hang in there, i will be thinking of you.

  5. i am very sorry to hear about your job.

  6. It was my week for bad news, too, so I’m right there with you. Hope the opportunities and challenges this presents for you are surmountable. Best of luck.

  7. I can imagine that it must be scary but stay strong. Things are turning around in America, we just have to hang on. Just the other day a plant in my area created over a hundred jobs. My husband says they’re getting traffic in the flooring business and the other merchants are reporting that things are picking up. Hang on and keep postive. Congrats on your award!


  8. I’m already stuck in your sweet world. Prayers sent up for you. Sending positive vibes your way.

    Congrats on the award!

  9. I am sorry to hear the bad news…I hope you find a better situation soon. Can you display your photography in a gallery or coffeshop? Maybe?
    (Just a thought.)

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m so sorry to hear about the downsizing. It’s been so scary, and I hate to hear you’re going through it. I’ve been peeking around your blog, though, and you’re really talented. I hope this turns out to be an awesome opportunity for you! Best wishes!

  11. So sorry to hear about your job. Just remember that when one door closes, another opens.

    Congrats on the recognition!

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