Polaroid Book and Some Room Decor

What a week.  I really just want to dive in yesterday’s post and just stay there without worrying about a thing.  But, we all know that’s life and it goes on.  So, here are a couple things i’ve been meaning to post for a while now.  Sorry for the delay!

Do you remember me telling you about a polaroid contest i entered at the SAANS Photography gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah?  Well, i sent four polaroids and two got entered in the show that ran in March at the gallery!  They also published a book with the selected polaroids and of course i ordered one.  Here is my page and the cover:


Yay!  And speaking of polaroids, ‘Roid Week 2009 began on Monday and oh, do i have a lot of polaroids to share.  Check out my flickr page for the newness and here’s another for your enjoyment (taken freshly yesterday 🙂 ):


I also wrote about changes in my room decor, even though i’ll be moving in a couple months.  It’s a bunch of nic-nacs but hey, i like it.  Here’s what i’ve done to brighten my space and add a “make-shift studio”:


So, there’s a little update on my sweet world.  Even with not working as much, i still have a gazillion things to do.  I wonder how that happens?

Also, stay tuned in the HelloSweetWorld shop for some new prints to be added very, very soon!

Have a great Wednesday, Sweet World!


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4 responses to “Polaroid Book and Some Room Decor

  1. Congrats on getting chosen! That’s great news!

    Also, I love your space. I am currently in the process of updating my own….

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  3. Congratulations! That is awesome.

    Love the flowers and butterflies shot.

  4. how awesome that you got your pictures in a book! i wish i could be more courageous and try and get my poetry and stuff published. not sure i could really handle that though….

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