So, yea.  It’s been a while.  Whoopsies!  So sorry i’ve been sporadic on the posts but i don’t have regular access to the internet anymore and i’m just catching up when i can.  I miss all my bloggy friends!  And i can’t believe it’s Wednesday already.  Where is this week going?  You’d think that without a full-time job i’d have plenty of time.  Think again!  I’m busier than ever and don’t really know how that happens.  Eek!  Oh well.  At least i’m getting some things accomplished and trying to move foward.  Anyhow. 

This past weekend was my brother’s college graduation from the University of Kentucky, thus included a short road trip to the Bluegrass.  Yay Bro!  I’m so proud of him for getting through college in 3.5 years and getting a promising full-time job.  Now if only i could have the luck…..

The weekend started off pretty crazy, with my dad and bro’s best friend’s flights being delayed due to multiple reasons – damaged plane, too much weight, missed connections, and lost luggage for all parties invloved.  But, everyone arrived safely and eventually got their luggage by the end of the weekend.  My mom and i suffered a cracked windshield from a dump truck with escaping rocks somewhere in West Virginia on the way and then right after we got there and had lunch, the sky decided to drop all the water in the world on us.  Yea, it was an exciting Friday to say the least.  Whew…..i’m tired just telling about it. 

The rest of the weekend was busy, busy but fun and it was good to have everyone together.  Here is a sample of some of the sights from the weekend:


I know it’s not much but i thought i’d just include something.  Have a great rest of the week, Sweet World!  Hopefully i’ll be able to post again soon.



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4 responses to “Um….

  1. aw, don’t worry about the sporadic posting, we’ve all been there…especially me as of late! i’m crossing my fingers for you on the job front!! and i love the pictures. beautiful.

  2. aforestfrolic

    Yo cuz, so glad you guys had a fun time and yay for B!! I just texted you, tee hee…hope I didn’t wake you up! I haven’t posted much this week either, got this new bloggy blog getting ready to go live and I’ve been on a cleaning spree, whew. Miss ya mucho!

    Jamie 🙂

  3. Glad to visit you anytime.
    Great photos…love the chandelier.
    Congrats to bro.
    JAH will provide.

    One love.

  4. Lovely mosaic, very creative!

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