Color week begins with Blue!

This week i’m participating in color week organized by Ms. Curious Girl – Lisa….how fun!   Monday is blue day.  But before i get to the blue, here is the perfect start to color week with a gorgeous and bright double-rainbow that was observed on Saturday after an afternoon shower.  I think it’s the brightest rainbow i’ve ever seen!



The photos really don’t do it justice but it really was one of the most amazing sites i’ve seen yet.  And of course i tried to find the pot o’gold at the end but everytime i thought i was getting closer, it seemed as if it moved further away.  Make sense?  hehe……

Now for Blue! 





Happy Blue Monday everyone!  Feel free to check out the side bar over at Curious Girl for more color week participants!



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16 responses to “Color week begins with Blue!

  1. Hi thanks for your nice words on my blog. You’ve got a pretty nice one yourself. Love the fact you’ve thought about the pic from the plane. I have lots and lots of those too, just didn’t come the idea.

  2. How perfect to begin a colour week with a rainbow! The universe’s seal of approval on our play perhaps?

    I love your blue pictures – gorgeous turquoise beads! Also, I’m particularly delighted to see that I’m not the only one to take photographs of sky and clouds out of aeroplane windows! 🙂

  3. Great photos cuz! That rainbow is amazingly bright.

    Jamie 🙂

  4. Wonderful rainbow start to our colorful week! I love the old bus!

  5. The blue bus is delightful!

  6. Hi!
    Love the photos-especially the one of the battered old blue vehicle in the weeds-so touching! The rainbow is amazingly bright-wish I had been there!
    Happy colour week to you too!

  7. stunning blues. my heart is with the rainbow though…it’s perfect.

  8. You managed to catch yourself a rainbow!! How beautifully lovely!! Fantastic photos!

  9. Great collection…loks like fun! The top rainbow is a double….wow!

  10. I LOVE that bus!!!

  11. A

    What a fun photo project for the week! Love your collection of BLUE!!

  12. Love those white flowers against that blue sky! Great selections for blue Monday 🙂

  13. i never manage to get good photos of rainbows! I’m always too stunned every time I see one that i often remember my camera too late.

  14. what a beautiful photo of the rainbow! we had some wonderful ones here on saturday. i only had my camera phone, and wished i had my regular camera. i know what you mean about the end moving away. i thought i was at the end. and i wasn’t. ha.

  15. The rainbow and the bus are fabulous!!!

  16. I ♥ the rainbow shot!

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