Tuesday is Green Day…

And i don’t mean the band, either.  Hehe.  It’s day 2 of Color Week hosted by the lovely Curious Girl – Lisa!  Today’s color is green and how i have so much green to share!  I don’t know how i came across so much green but i did so here are the results:


Wait – there’s more!  My lovely basil is sprouting so nicely:


And how about the new growth on the pine tree outside my apartment:


One last one!  I told you i came across so much green i didn’t know what to do…..My green bottles and little green buddha, which are my favs:


Whew!  That’s a lot i know.  But thanks for hanging in there for all my green.  As for the other colors, i still need to do my homework, as they’re not as easy.  Yikes!  Hehe…..Have a great Green Day, Sweet World – and no, i’m not talking about the band.


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14 responses to “Tuesday is Green Day…

  1. I loooooove your selections—I have a bottle, leaves, and a bird too, lol. And that sprouting basil is lovely!

  2. What a lot of restful green you have in your world. Lucky you to have fresh basil on its way!

  3. I know what you mean – so much gorgeous green! We could do a whole week!

    I love the new growth on your pine tree! My son just noticed today (as we were headed to school) that the fir trees sparkled with new green.

  4. I think you like green as much as I do! I LOVE your little green frog and your Buddha! Wonderful.

  5. You are on a roll…very lovely compostions.

  6. Beautiful greens! I love your glass collection especially 🙂

  7. Lots of lovely green but my favourite is the little white bird!

  8. you are surrounded by greens. and I love the green tiny b…I have one too.

  9. A

    My favorite color! You did a great job of photographing many shades of green in many ways!!

  10. oh i love that little frog! so cute 🙂

  11. Green is my favourite colour so I can never get enough.

    Great post! Love it! esp. the basil…that means something else green is soon to follow…pesto 🙂

  12. My oldest son is to into that band! I on the other hand love the picture with the bottles the most. Great Green day.

  13. Love all your green!! Such a fun and spring-y color! And my basil is sprouting up nicely just like that and I’m so excited!!



  14. I love all of your greens…the pickles are my favorite!

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