Yellow Wednesday!

Color week continues with Yellow (and Orange, too) Wednesday!  I remember in high school, one of my friends loved the color yellow.  She collected everything yellow and everything she saw yellow she exclaimed “yellow…!!!” when she first spotted it.  It was too funny.  Too bad we’ve lost touch and i couldn’t share any of her yellow for this day.  Anyhow, she’d love Yellow Wednesday!  DSC_7429

Yesterday i was having an off day with my camera so some of these might not be my best.  It’s just been a kinda stressful time for me so i’m doing the best i can!  It is good too see bright, lively colors, though.  It helps me stay cheery! 


And for the next set of yellowness, you know i had to throw in some mustard bottles….hehe.  Mustard is my favorite thing ever so of course i had to be cheesy and include that.  Maybe i shouldn’t have put it smack-dab in the middle of my purse fabric and kitchen washcloth but what the heck – right?  Haha.


And i hope all of you are enjoying the bridge to summer.  It is super great weather for once here in SW VA and hopefully in the next day or so, i’ll have a chance to go out and enjoy it.  But be sure you always have time to relax and take a moment for yourself!


And don’t forget to check out Curious Girl for more color and inspiration.  She’s so great for hosting this great colorful week, and not to mention her photographs are so lovely!  Happy Yellow (and orange, too) Day!



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10 responses to “Yellow Wednesday!

  1. Beautiful soft yellows! Is that a pillowcase at the bottom right? It’s so pretty!

    Happy sunny Wednesday!

  2. Look at what I have been missing! All of your photos are so fun and colorful! Great ideas for color week!

  3. Yellow is so sunny and cheerful. The Mac and Cheese makes me giggle! How funny with your mustard – my son’s friend is a mustard fanatic and claims to enjoy it on ice cream (I’ll believe that when I see it!). But it looks fabulous in your mosaic!

  4. Hooray for M&M’s!!! I almost included mustard and mac and cheese in mine too. So glad you did it for me. Now I have no yellow regrets.

    You have great imagination in your pics. 🙂

  5. I love the yellows you have chosen and the way you have seen the beauty in a humble cloth.

  6. Butterfly shot has me speechless.

    Love the yellows.

  7. love the picture of the sunflower. beautiful. my best friend in high school also loved the color yellow. and we have lost touch too…

  8. I was a “yellow” person in high school as well, but it was of the bright and bold variety. Now I favor the softer tones. I particularly like your mosaic and need to learn how to do that. How do you work the magic? I’m ready for that pillowcase – happy end of Wednesday!

  9. You betta include mustard cuz…you know it’s our go to! Remember when we used to put it on the Thanksgiving turkey, tee hee? Good ol’ days!

    Jamie 🙂

  10. Love Summer too. And I wanna have some of that macaroni (how weird, it’s 8 am over here….???) Happy Yellows & Orange Day. Oh and I’m curious were your fam. lives?

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