Well Hello There!

Hey.  Remember me?  The girl behind this blog that used to post almost every day…Well, that was me until recently.  But i’m sure you figured that out.  Things have been crazy busy.  I’m really not sure how exactly it happend but all of a sudden i was dropped in total mayhem.  Well, maybe not total mayhem, but you get the idea.  It’s been busy. 

I’ve photographed a wedding, done a ton of pet sitting (and am not finished yet), still am working my 2nd job and actually still am at my main 1st job – for now.  Three of my co-workers have left and i took over the secretary/accountant position, as well as still doing my normal tasks and projects.  So, with that i hope to keep my hours up for a while, even if there are no other benefits.  It’s a paycheck i guess, right?  This company is really falling apart.  And i know you’re not supposed to blog about these things in case of future employers seeing them and blah, blah, blah but i’m really not worried about it.  I mean, right now as i write this, the owner is nowhere to be found (won’t answer his cell phone or return my message), the server is down and i can’t even get anything done, all my co-workers are on job sites and won’t answer their cell phones, a client called for an “emergency” tank removal and no one is even here to do it!   And the other day, one of the other managers (well, the only other manager) was giving me attitude about how he didn’t want to do something that i politely asked him to help me with.  Stressful isn’t even the word…oh, and my lease runs out in a month.

Anyhow.  Enough garbage about garbage.  It’s just been a crazy time and blogging just seemed so hard for me to do so i didn’t do it.  I’m sorry for the neglect!  I really love you guys and appreciate your patience with me.  It’s just a tough time.  Hopefully that’ll change after August though.  I’m considering something pretty crazy but much needed……let’s just call it a little exploration of the country i live in.  Or a pilgrimage to find where i belong.  Whichever you prefer  🙂



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3 responses to “Well Hello There!

  1. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. I love the tree shot below… I’ll be needign you to give me pointers on taking such great pictures with my new camera. 🙂

  2. I see my girl Robin stopped by, she’s a gem isn’t she…so witty and cute! And so glad you’ve joined us again cuz, I’ve missed ya. Hope everything settles down for you soon. Whataya mean exploration of the country, I know our convo was short earlier but don’t ya think ya shoulda mentioned that….AHHH! Tell me all about it, I can’t wait to hear (and maybe you can pack me in your suitcase 😉 Love ya,

    Jamie 🙂

  3. Can’t wait to hear what you have cooking.

    I have flirted with the idea of doing pet sitting.


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