A Giveaway!

Since i’ve been a little absent lately, i feel the need to have a giveaway to make myself not feel as guilty about neglecting my lovely readers and followers.  Hehe.  Now aren’t you glad i haven’t been around as much?  Just kidding.  But i really do apologize and really just want to have a giveaway. 

Oh, and everything in my shop is 20% off right now through 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, June 14 in honor of the Etsy Yart Sale, which is a Yard Sale + Art = YART.  How cool is that?  I’ll refund the 20% or send a revised invoice for the items you purchase, whichever you prefer.  So check it out now for some cool savings!

So, now for the giveaway.  You’ll receive some random forest goodies (good for card making, gifts, scrapbooking and other creative art) such as:


And a pack of random photo cards similar to (they will have different various nature images and won’t be exactly like these):


And i’ll also throw in some other goodies just for kicks and that suprise factor.  Don’t ya love it?  Also, i’ll be giving away not one, not two but THREE prize packages this giveaway!  Three! Yups, there will be three winners.  Yummy, huh? 

So what do you have to do for this giveaway?  You didn’t think it’d be that easy now did ya?  Just take a look at my shop, let me know which product you love and also let me know what i could improve on or what you might like to see offered there.  I would like to get all the constructive criticism i can get right now (don’t worry, i won’t get mad at ya).  My goodies might need an upgrade in order to sell a little faster.  Ideas?  Recommendations? Improvements? 

Do this by 11:59 pm EST Sunday, June 14 and then leave me a comment on this post, or even email me by that time, to get entered in this sweet giveaway.  Thanks Sweet World! Good luck!



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18 responses to “A Giveaway!

  1. I love your photo prints and photo cards. Nothing I can offer on improving because I really like it all!

  2. Great shop! And great idea to get people off of Twitter (or wherever) and into your shop. I love the umbrella tags and the owl tags the most! My recommendation: make the link to your shop open a new window so going back to your blog is easy. Also, for me it’d be nice to see the banner product on display inside, which is where I’d more likely put it. Great work! Love your stuff!

  3. I’m loving your garden party print and the news wire cards…but you don’t have to count me in the contest 😉 Yay for your giveaway!

    Jamie 🙂

  4. Ooooo I love your stuff! I would definitely use the notecards! Keep up the great work!
    I’d love to enter your contest too 🙂

  5. A

    I really love your news birds tags from your shop! What a wonderful give-away!! 🙂

  6. Sue

    To enter your contest:

    Love your site and your products – particularly the little note cards. Will probably place an order for those in a bit.

    Your products pics are great.

  7. Kat c.

    I really love the Set of 4 Cards – Typewriter and the Tulip

  8. I love the pink paper scrap pack (I am desperately low on random card making supplies and am always on the lookout!) and the Fleur de lis cut outs, which I might be buying for a friend’s wedding shower.
    I don’t really have any suggestions other than reminding me on occasion to pop over there!

  9. I adore the Stand photograph, it’s wonderful! Love the simplicity, and the colors.

    Your shop is beautiful! I love the variety, and the pictures of your items are great. I’d shorten your shop announcement a bit so when you go to the shop, you see the featured items at the top without having to scroll down. You may want to stick some of that information in the profile or policies section and then let people know to look there. Just a suggestion.

    Your shop is lovely!


    {lemon drop studio}

  10. I like your Spring Stripe note cards, though picking a favorite was difficult! As for feedback on your shop, I would make the text on your banner bigger and more noticeable. It kind of gets lost among the pictures.

    Lovely stuff!

    ParticlesofStone at Etsy

  11. you need not have a giveaway for me to visit. i love visiting all the time, whenever you’re home. 😉

    have a great weekend.

  12. p.s. the photo heart cutouts are bliss.

  13. oooh, i wonder if i’ll win this time???

  14. Kat

    Your “Well Owl Be” and “The News Bird” Tags are my favorite! 🙂 Keep it up!

  15. Nicole

    love the the news wire cards!!

  16. i know im to late for the contest but just wanted to say i love your photography very lovely 🙂

  17. Oh! The photo heart cutouts are cool!! Fun giveaway. Nice having you back! 😉


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