A Wedding

Hi again!  Things are still busy for me but I’m going to try my best to start posting regularly again. I’ll be moving to a temporary location in less than a month now and will have internet access there so hopefully that’ll help out a little.  Thanks again for being patient with me!  I heart you guys lots  🙂

Anyhow. I’ve been meaning to post these photos for a while now but three weeks ago i photographed a wedding and wanted to share my favs with ya.  So here they are!  Isn’t the bride just gorgeous?!  There’s also some more on my website.  Enjoy!








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3 responses to “A Wedding

  1. Oh what a beautiful place and great photos cuz! Love it, you did so great…hopefully you’ll book some more gigs after people see what a great job you did! And loving that new header!

    Jamie 🙂

  2. She looks so in love. Love all the photos…the first one is so classic. Wonderful captures.

  3. these are beautiful! that dress is amazing!

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