Hello World!

Or should i say, Hello Sweet World!  Wow, has it been a while.  I guess i warned ya that posts would be sporadic for a bit. I’m in the process of moving and i think it’s almost complete. Things are moved, old apartment is finally all clean and i think all of the moving process is over.  Well, it has to be over tomorrow cuz that’s when the lease is up.  Now i just can’t find anything i need or am looking for…..

I’ll be at my “temporary home”, that’s what i’m calling it anyway, but really is home i guess since it’s back in with the fam.  Can you believe that i’m in my upper 20’s and living back home again?  Kinda crazy.  I really have no idea still where i’m going or what i’m gonna do so i can’t even begin to tell ya any plans i have for the future.  I really want to move out of state but just don’t know how to start that process.  Of course everyone tells me i need to find a job before i just get up and leave.  I just kinda find it complicated to do that if i’m a couple states away.  Why couldn’t i just continue saving, move in a few months and get a retail or restaurant job til i find something in my field?  And of course i would visit the area and try to make some contacts beforehand.  Sounds easy but some people tell me i shouldn’t just get up and go.  How else do you do it?  Maybe i’m just confused. Any tips on moving long distances or choosing a place when you have no ties or no job to take you there?  Am i crazy for wanting to do that?  I just need change and to try things on my own for a bit.  I hope that’s not too weird. 

Anyhow, this isn’t much of a post but i just decided that i would give a little update.  I plan to be back on a normal posting and visiting schedule now that i’m moved and will have internet at home again.  Yay!  Thanks for being so patient with me.  Muah!



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6 responses to “Hello World!

  1. In my humble opinion, save a bit of money then just get up and go! I think it’s a great idea to just get a job that pays the rent while you’re looking for something in your field. And as you mentioned, if you’re already living where you want to live, it’ll be easier for you to make contacts…But that’s just me 🙂 Hope your move went smoothly!

  2. As always, love ya. Do what is right for you. To me, home is where I lay my head. Sending you lots of positive vibes. Enjoy every moment of life.

  3. Wishing you the best with your move.. how exciting. Can’t wait to read more…

  4. Everything is so unpredictable right now, I think you should do whatever works for you. Look at the move as a fresh start, I know many people that see this as a good time to relocate and start fresh. I am going back to school so that I can be more marketable.
    -good luck to you, know that you are not alone in this.

  5. Well cuz, I’ll be sad if you move far but we’d probably see each other almost as much as we see each other now, tee hee. I’ll come visit of course 😉 I say, save, save, save and when you feel the time is right…just go. A job first would be nice, but you’re right…might be hard to find one from afar. Just rent a small apartment with a short lease to be sure you like the area first…then if you don’t you can up and move somewhere else. I’m here for ya cuz…wish I could do more to help.

    Jamie 🙂

  6. A

    I moved from the Midwest to NYC without a job, but I had some ties (a place to live, and a paycheck still coming in from my previous job)… but I would say, visit, get familiar with the new place, start to look for a job (as much as you can from a ways away…), save, and then just move (even if you don’t have a job yet)! It is so hard to find a job when you don’t live in the state…

    It’ll be insanely challenging but amazing… To do it on your own, to make such a huge change in your life. Some days you’ll want to give up, pack up, and head home… but in the end, you’ll see that it was worth the leap! I say DO IT!!

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