Last night was a good night to see the Perseids – a meteor shower that was totally cool.  A friend and i drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopped at an overlook to try and catch the shower. We saw at least 10 within an hour or so, and one was really bright across the sky with a trail that glowed for seconds after it had passed!  Definately a cool thing to experience. We had to leave because a sudden cloud took over the sky and hid all the stars from us. Stupid clouds! Hehe.  However, when i got home, i ended up sitting on the front porch for probably an hour and a half, at least, watching them from the house. There were some lights and the moon crept up by then but i could still see some perseids pretty good. I saw at least 20 just sitting out front. Cool!  Next time there’s a meteor shower, i totally recommend going out and star-gazing. You won’t be disappointed. And of course i had my camera! Call me a geek if you want, but i love it!  Hehe.


Yes, the long streak below is a capture of a Perseid! The others are just stars that are “in motion” because my camera must have moved on the tripod. Hey, i didn’t say i was a pro-astronomy photographer. I was just lucky enough to catch a meteor in motion in the frame of my camera!


This guy was curious as to why i was perched on my front porch with weird equipment….hehe.


Happy Perseid viewing, Sweet World! Now go out and see some meteors!



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5 responses to “Perseids

  1. Oh man, I totally meant to sit out back and watch it…last time I got NO pic’s…tee hee. That one is awesome cuz!

    Jamie 🙂

  2. thank you for the blog mention. you are on my blog list too. would you mind to update my link? biscuit is gone for awhile. 🙂 thank you darling.

  3. Thanks for sharing…pic #2 totally rocks, how cool is that?!

  4. Cool that you were able to photograph a meteor. I’ve never done that.

  5. i wish i would have been able to see this… the city lights block the stars. next year, i need to plan a trip out of the city to watch the night sky… my husband and i watched the meteor shower 5 years ago when we first met… i think it was the first night i really knew i would love him. 🙂

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