I’ve been tagged!

Ms. Kerri, over at Ten Things blog, tagged me the other day for a meme that tells ten things about myself. So, in true meme fashion, here goes:
(Hopefully i won’t say anything that you already may know about me. I’ll try my best to come up with new stuff….hehe)

1.  Seahorses are my favorite animal (and dogs, too, even though i love all animals!). I think the love for them came about in high school when one of my classmates drew a super-cool picture of one and i was hooked. Ever since then, i’ve been obsessed. Because of that, i think my family will never stop giving me seahorse-themed merchandise for my birthday or Christmas.

2.  Well, you already know that i love mustard, but what other actual foods do i love? My favorite ever is Dutch meatballs, along with other Dutch treats, but i also love mac and cheese and Mexican food. Yum! I love good food in general but those are at the very top of my list.

3.  From the Dutch reference above:  One side of my family is Dutch and lives in Holland or Curacao, an island in the Dutch Caribbean.  I don’t see that side of my family nearly as much as i’d like to, which is evident in the dreams i’ve been having lately about Holland or my family members. But nonetheless, I love learning about Dutch culture and would live in either place my family does if given the chance.

4.  I believe my dog is my partial soul-mate, in a doggy soul-mate kind-of way. Sounds silly, i know, but i believe he was sent to me for a reason and that i’d be lost without him. I think he’d be lost without me too.

5.  I like to sleep. A lot. I seriously think i have a sleep addiction sometimes. And yes, i do believe that a sleep addiction exists. Just as any other addiction, mine is sleep. And food. Haha. But seriously, i cannot wake up in the mornings and sometimes even get mad at myself for not being able to get myself out of bed in a timely fashion. It can be frustrating, even if i’m the one in control of it. Sometimes i feel like i can’t control it.

6.  I want to visit India.  I’ve always been fascinated with Indian culture and feel drawn there.

7.  Throughout childhood, i had my hand in a mix of hobbies. Dance for 5 years, piano for 2 years, flute for 3 years, girl scouts for 9 years….whew. Now wonder i like to sleep. hehe.

8.  I used to be a cheerleader in high school and college. There, i said it.

9.  I have eight tattoos and don’t plan on stopping at that number. Sorry, Mom!

10.  I secretly love happy-go-lucky type movies, such as Grease, Legally Blonde and Lilo and Stitch. There, i said that too. Hehe.

So, the people i tag for this meme of ten things about yourself are:

My Cuz, over at A Forest Frolic

Se’lah over at her Necessary Room

Maricris at Zen Ventures

Rachael at Little Bites

Camilla at Bloom

Can’t wait to hear more about you ladies!



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8 responses to “I’ve been tagged!

  1. Very interesting meme.
    Love the seahorses and the sleeping part..hah!
    I wish I could sleep that much I am always walking around tired.

    Your new blogheader is very beautiful, very nice.

    (I am not all that interesting but thanx for tagging me….I guess the closest to 10 things would be in my profile.)

  2. Thanks cuz! I used to love the look on everyone’s face when we asked for mustard for the Thanksgiving Turkey, hahahah. And I still think of you when I see seahorses but I’ve vowed to ‘try’ not to buy you anymore…promise 😉

    Jamie 🙂

  3. so fun! love it! very interesting facts about you. this is really fun. seahorses are awesome. everything was news to me, but i never would have guessed about the tattoos or the cheerleader. just goes to show that you never really know someone until you listen to their heart. thanks for playing along.

  4. Jim

    India is amazing. I’ve been there once on vacation, backpacked through the country. Outstanding adventure.

  5. i adore these memes, i think they give more insight than most…the random ones. if i can find the time to write up the post i am so playing along. thanks for thinking of me!

  6. thought I commented on this one before…I will surely participate in this meme and am so pleased that you thought of me. hope i’ve got the lingo right 😉

  7. Do I really have to do this and reveal my inner secrets? Hehe – Thanks for tagging me. Lets see if I can come up with ten lies! haha.

  8. i also believe that my dog is somehow special to me and is with me for a reason. it is a nice secure feeling to have that canine friend. and sleep, oh yeah.

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