Happy Week!

This week, Monday thru Friday, and beyond..hehe…is Happy Week!  That’s right, nothing but happy thoughts and sharing this week. Every day (well, i’ll do my best for getting a post up every day) there’ll be a post about something that makes me happy.  Ms. Curious Girl, Lisa, is hosting this wonderful week so i thought it might do me some good to take part in this shin-dig.  It’s always good to be happy.  Who can resist?  Play along if you like and also visit the other happy blogs listed in Lisa’s side bar to read about all the happiness going around this week. Fun stuff!  So, what makes this girl so happy about the Sweet World on a Monday?

Flowers!  All these flowers were found while exploring the same ‘ol park that i’ve been too a countless number of times.  The park had some new trails, or maybe they’ve been there and i never knew…. Anyhow. There were fields of them and it was so pretty!  Of course i was also snap happy with my camera…


Also, the fact that i had a pretty good weekend!  Some weekends are dull, some are lazy, some are busy, busy and not even relaxing. This past weekend was good for me for a change and that feels good.  I stopped in this little antique shop that i didn’t even know existed, which is now closing (sad!) on Friday and racked up on goodies. Saturday I met up with a new friend and we went to the park noted above, took some photos, sweated our butts off and tried to dodge the gnats, all at the same time.  Then we went to eat at a Chinese restaurant that was new for the both of us and it was delicious!  Sunday i lazed around all morning and finally in the afternoon went with my mom to thrift shop (racked up on more goodies), ate another great meal (Mexican!), went grocery shopping and then got some things done in the shop (new items!) and around the house. Score! Weekends like this make me happy  🙂

So, Sweet World? How was your weekend and what made you happy over the past couple days?  Happy Monday!



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10 responses to “Happy Week!

  1. flowers! antique stores! photo safari’s! chinese food! sounds so happy to me too.

  2. Happy weekends definitely make for happier Mondays for me too and yours sounds great! A happy weekend for me is any weekend without a single element of “must do…” in the agenda. In fact, one without an agenda at all! 🙂

    Happy Monday!

  3. Yay for Happy Week…so glad you had a good weekend cuz! A girl can’t be un-happy & thrift shopping at the same time can she?

    Jamie 🙂

  4. Flowers make me happy too – well most of them, anyway. There are some flowers that I find quite frightening, strelitzias and poinsettias, for example. Your weekend sounded like a really happy one!

  5. Super fun and happy times!
    I love your flowers, ahhh they make me so happy too! This is just beautiful.

  6. I love this idea.

    Okay, let’s see. I am happy the little wild kitten who found his way into our barn let my daughter pet him today.

    And I am happy that we had a nice sun shower this afternoon.

    And I am happy that I started a new story about getting hay.

    And happy I came to this blog.


  7. love the theme of this post, Kristin. happiness is truly a choice. i always strive to find the ‘happy’ in just about everything, sometimes i get side tracked for awhile, but eventually i find ‘happy’ again.

    we are trying to squeeze in lots of happy times before the kids go back to school and get busy with ‘their lives’ again (school, friends, social drama, girls, boys, etc.). we went to see ‘wicked’ a few nights ago (laughed a lot), did some back-to-school shopping, went out for indian food and just had an evening picnic at the beach.

    of course, part of the happiness i encounter every day is right here where ‘my friends’ are (on twitter and blogs).

  8. You are awesome! Happy week > All other weeks

  9. best thing about my weekend was that i got to spend it with the three people i love the most. we didnt do much or go anywhere (it was too wet) but there was lots of love and laughter.

  10. Glad that you joined in the Happy Week. I’m doing my blog rounds slowly but surely. Always a pleasure visiting your lovely blog.

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