Happy Wednesday!

So i let yesterday slip by without a happy post. Eek! Sorry about that, Sweet World. Yesterday was happy though because i went to an event in town and got to meet some cool new people, which is always nice. These days, it’s kinda hard to meet people unless you get involved so, that’s what i’m doing. Since a lot of my friends aren’t in town and such, it’s good to find new people in town. So that was my happy Tuesday  🙂  For more happiness, visit Curious Girl Lisa, the host of this happy week, and the happy people in her sidebar.

As for today, let’s just say i’m super stoked that i finally got all the wedding photos edited from the Florida wedding i photographed 2.5 weeks ago! I had over 2000 photos to go through so it was a long process.  I take several shots during each pose to ensure i get a good shot. That leaves lots to go through.  Anyhow, some have been uploaded to my site, which i’ve been working really hard on lately, some on flickr and now, i can share some of my favs with you on my blog! I have so many favs it’s hard to choose.  Hehe.  So, Sweet World, without further ado, here they are:










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10 responses to “Happy Wednesday!

  1. You go girl! Glad you had fun yesterday too, yay!

    Jamie 🙂

  2. I bet these made the bride and groom very very happy – they are beautiful!!!

  3. you didn’t let tuesday slip if it was happy! and processing all those photos is definitely something to be happy about. and the results, beautiful. I especially like the one with the party under the oak.

  4. Kim

    Wow, those are beautiful pictures. I love how the bride chose those light yellow-ivory flowers. They were beautiful and really stood out against her dress. Great job!

  5. Love the group photo! The tree they are under, the arrangement, the sun shining through the leaves! Beautiful! Can’t wait to see more 🙂

  6. Such beautiful photos! Love the last 2 with the bride and groom and the 2nd shot with the bouquet.


    p.s. I have received your meme tag…never got one before so thinking hard about what to write 😉

  7. You did a wonderful job! I love these ♥~

  8. Oh, weddings make me happy – and your photos of this one are beautiful! We got married in the magistrate’s office – no white dress, no fuss, but sometimes I wish we had made a little bit more of a fuss. I would have loved a long white dress!

  9. I love the black and white picture by the bridge. That was just so,er,uhm, ROMANTIC! I love it. I should get you to take my wedding pictures when I get married (again).

  10. lovely, happy work – lovely, happy shots

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