So glad it’s the weekend, with one shot of linky love…

Well, i let another happy post pass me by. Sorry!  This week has just been blah and i’ve been on a weird schedule so that’s probably contributed to most of it. Hopefully next week i can get back on some sort of a routine and feel better. I’m also looking for a new job, which is a yukky process in itself, but once i find one, where ever that may be, i’m sure i’ll feel better too.  I’m willing to move so if anyone knows of something…..hehe. I’m just sayin’  🙂

So, for this happy post, i’m going to share some random tidbits of what’s made me happy over the past few days. Enjoy!

  • Receiving items from the Blossom Stamps shop, boygirlparty shop, blacklilypie shop that i ordered last week. Such cute stuff and all handmade! Woo hoo!
  • Obtaining three new packs of Polaroid film. Why on earth did they decide to discontinue the 600 film? Not a good decision for them.
  • Having no major plans this weekend. I have so many ideas for crafty stuff and photos in my head so i think i may take advantage of the free time and get them out of my system, which is much needed. Sometimes a girl just needs a creative puke session to clear her mind. 
  • Coming across new lovely blogs. I really think i could be lost in blogland forever. Forever. Miss Indie, Create Loves, and Red Velvet Art are now some new bloggy goodness that i read. Not to mention they’re totally inspirational.
  • This site. Love the music.
  • An email between one of my bloggy pals and myself. She made me feel good. Thanks Se’lah!
  • The fact that i don’t have to drive 45 minutes to work for the next two days. Just to drive 45 minutes to get back home when i’m done.
  • My doggie, of course. He was so happy to see me this evening when i got home. It’s amazing how much they unconditionally love you.
  • A birthday shindig with family the other day. It was nice to see some family members that i haven’t in a while. And those i have.

So, Sweet World, now it’s time for me to go to sleep, now that it’s 3 am and all. Now if i could only sleep without dreaming about a million things….



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6 responses to “So glad it’s the weekend, with one shot of linky love…

  1. Can’t wait to check out the blogs you linked! Quick question… I just got a polaroid camera from a stoop sale in my neighborhood. Any suggestions on obtaining film? And if the 600 film is gone, what is the replacement? Stomping on new grounds… 🙂

  2. Yay for family par-tays…sorry I missed it. And Etsy shopping and crafting the night away, yay even more, tee hee!

    Jamie 🙂

  3. so true about getting those creatives thoughts out of your head and into action. Hope you had a fun, inspiring, creative weekend!

  4. i just dragged my polaroid camera out and the film (600) was old and didn’t work well. i, too, will be shopping for new film. hope i can find the right type.

  5. I thought Polaroid had completely discontinued everything. I am glad you are able to find some film. Hope it works for you.

  6. always at the ready, my friend.

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