I’m a bad blogger these days. It’s true. And i’m sorry. I love all my bloggy friends but lately i just haven’t been feeling it. Please bear with me. Thank you!

Moving on, lately i took a trip to Arizona. If you couldn’t tell by my photos. It was amazing. I went alone. It was amazing. I met so many awesome people and had a blast. I wish i didn’t have to come back home. Not that i don’t love home, but because i love Arizona. And it loves me.

I’m changing. I’m reflecting. I’m just feeling a new chapter in my life getting ready to begin. And it feels good. I still have my moments. Coming home was one of them. I cried everyday i was back until yesterday for no reason. Because I’m changing. Like summer is changing into fall. This change is gonna be good. It better be good. I’ll make it good. It needs to be good. I need good.




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3 responses to “Change

  1. change. impermanence. so divine.

    lovely shot.

  2. Love you cuz, change is good…it WILL be good 😉 You’ll figure it out. Your pics are lovely, as always! Can’t wait to see you soooon!

    Jamie 🙂

  3. Stephanie Ashton

    Hi Kristin! We met in Flagstaff – just got home yesterday and thought I’d look you up. I’m so impressed with your pictures! I’ve bookmarked your blog; if you’d like to see mine its Hope the rest of your trip was great!

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