Dia de los Muertos

Hey folks!  Another new post in one week…woohoo! I’m working on it. I am. 😉  Anyhow. This weekend was packed with goodness. Yay! Saturday I met up with a friend whom i haven’t seen in a long while and she’s getting married next month so guess who’s photographing her wedding? Me! I’m super excited and couldn’t be happier for her. And it was so great to see her after not doing so for a couple years. We had lunch, ran a few errands then i came home and re-decorated my dresser. It is super bright and cheery, despite the theme – Dia de los Muertos. I couldn’t be happier with it and i still have a few things to craft for it, too. Oh, and speaking of, i worked on some new goodies for the shop last night too. A new line – Robot Full of Love. Who doesn’t love robots?  He is making a couple appearances in my shop so far, but keep on the look out for more of him in the future!

Sunday (today) I met with another prospective client couple about photographing their wedding, got a pumpkin spice latte (yum!), went thrifting and got some super goodies all for $5, then came home and did 3 loads of laundry, added some new treats to the shop, worked on some photo designs/edits, and now i’m catching up on other things – like, oh say, my blog! I’ve gotten a lot done this weekend but still have lots to do. Eek! I’m still happy at what i’ve accomplished though. Sweet!

Hope your weekend was super and at least somewhat accomplished.  Oh, and in randomness, my dog has been growling at my new dresser decor ever since i put it up last night. During the night and at some points today he’s just looked that direction and started growling. Uh oh. I hope none of the items on it are haunted. Yikes! hehe……





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4 responses to “Dia de los Muertos

  1. rachael s

    hi! it was great to hear from you on my blog 🙂 sorry i have been absent lately…i have been working with a business coach to launch my business, so it is really intense. loads of fun (is that weird?), but TONS of work. right now, i am super excited about the possibilities!

    how is everything going with you?

  2. omg cuz, love the dresser decor…funny Z is growling at it, hahhah. And the new header is wonderful! Mr. Robot is freakin’ adorable, I love the stickers too! You go girl 😉 So glad you got so much accomplished this weekend. Love ya,

    Jamie 🙂

  3. Maybe the bright colors are making him crazy! lol. It is the day of the dead, that is what it meant does it? On the aside, I’m happy that you’re getting more gigs with your photography biz. I hope you get MORE! SO when are u moving here? he he

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