What’s going on…?

Lately i’ve been a little busy. Same routine. Lots on my mind. And lots getting done. I just can’t believe we’re almost halfway through October and next month is November. Wow. Where does the time go? Out the window, really. I’ve given myself a timeline to move by the end of the year. Yup, you heard it right. No more talking, thinking, pondering about it. Doing it. Making the leap. Making it happen. I’ve got a couple places in mind so we’ll see where i end up. 😉

I’ve also been doing a lot of creating lately. Brainstorming. Crafting. Drawing. I have so much inspiration from so many lovely artists out there on the web and it’s awesome how inspiring they are to me. I love the power of the web for creativity. It rocks!

Some new ideas have already been added to the shop, and i’m working or planning on lots more. Also, just a note regarding the shop – since i reached 100 hearts this weekend, i’m super stoked and offering 15% off everything until midnight EST on Wednesday, October 14. Just use code “onehundred” in message to seller and i’ll refund the 15%! How awesome is that. So stock up on new items and Halloween goodies! And thanks for hearting me fellow etsians!

In the future, there’s also a collaboration project in the works between a very special person and i, so stay tuned for that as well. We’re excited about it, even if it is in the early planning stages. I’m also thinking of hosting an online class in the future as well. I told ya lots of creating was going on lately. My mind is full and active. Lots of ideas. Now i just need to find time to do them. Hehe. And i also think it’s just part of me growing and changing. And a lot of change is about to happen….




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6 responses to “What’s going on…?

  1. Oh cuz, lovin’ those shroomy stickers…your drawings are really cute…the robots too! Can’t wait for your new adventures…moving and such! Now, what’s the latest location?? I’m excited for you of course (take me with you, tee hee 😉

    Jamie 🙂

  2. Just checked your shop, I love the polaroid card!

  3. love the photo! the colors are absolutely stunning. congrats on reaching 100 hearts 🙂

  4. wohoo! I can’t wait to find out what it is. My guess is “photography” inspired project. Am I right? Awesome. So excited for you sis!

  5. Making decisions is hard, so congrats on doing that! It’ll be interesting to see where you land.

  6. I love this photo …

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