Randomness V.2.

I’m trying to be better at blogging again. I’m getting a little better, i think  😉  So, first, let’s get down to business. Ms. Maedchenmitherz is having a heavenly cute online class in January and February 2010. And let’s just say it is so heavenly cute! Before you can even register for the class, she’s having a giveaway for a spot in it! So, check out her blog for more info on the class and the giveaway. Too cute for words! She is such an inspiration and i’m so glad i came across her in blogland and on twitter.

Next, i’ve been crafting a lot lately and updating the shop so keep checking it for more new goodies! I’m excited about all the new products i’m offering. And even better, lots of items are under $10 and are perfect for stocking stuffers. Yay!

And just for fun, here are some more random photo inspirations. Happy November Sweet World!



All images courtesy of ffffound



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6 responses to “Randomness V.2.

  1. Love your new stuff cuz! And cute pics…can’t wait for this weekend, yay!

    Jamie 🙂

  2. Aw I love Zooey Deschanel and I have a kitty that looks just like that!

    Thanks for following Mermaid in a Manhole!

  3. Great photos! how do i follow your blog???

  4. Nice colors in those shots. Happy November.

  5. Those are awesome photos! I’m off to check out your shop. It’s so nice to meet another artist.

  6. That first shot is captivating.

    I love visiting you, whenever you are home.

    Peace & Love.


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