And home….

Whew! What a past couple of weeks. Full of travel and fun! I started by flying to Florida for Thanksgiving, landing in Atlanta, GA with a layover. Spent a few days in FL, flew back, this time with a layover in NC. Made it back to VA for a day, then left again – this time driving. I drove through WV to get to KY, where i spent my first night. Then, drove through Indiana, Illinois and finally Missouri, which was my final destination. Spent a few days there and then reversed the order of states to finally make it back home. So, after all said and done, i was in nine states within 8 days. Holy cow! hehe. They were fun trips and well worth it. But now, i am exhausted!

I’ve been wanting to share photos from my Florida trip so here are some of my favs:



 We took a trip to the Everglades one day and saw lots and lots and lots of alligators. It was kinda crazy how many there were. And the birds didn’t care and were walking right next to them! Crazy birds! We drove down Alligator Alley so i guess it lived up to it’s name. Hehe. I also wanted to see the Skunk Ape (google it). Ha!  Thanks to Destination Truth on SyFy (awesome show and now i’m obsessed….haha) for putting that idea in my head. Or maybe i just wanted to see Josh Gates (host of the show). He is a cutie! 

Anyhow, it was a fun trip and we got to explore the “backwoods” of Florida. Interesting……

More on the other trip soon…..



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4 responses to “And home….

  1. Fun times cuz, fun times…so glad you are back safe and had a great time! I can’t wait to hear all about it. I’ll see ya this weekend, yay…

    Jamie 🙂

  2. Panther crossing! That’s wild.

    I hate to say it but that arch reminds me of McDonalds, lol.

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