Inspiring Singing Ladies

A lot of you probably don’t know that i love to sing. I used to want to be a singer when i was in high school. I’d shut the door to my room, crank up the music and sing in the middle of my floor.  I was in choir in high school and concert choir and a small chamber choir in college.  I took voice lessons in high school and college. I was even in a Sweet Adeline four-part harmony chorus for a while after college.  I have even sang the national anthem at a local baseball team game and yes, i did actually try out for American Idol two years ago.

Now i just sing in my car. With about an hour commute to work and back, i’ve got time for it. The other day i was thinking about some of my favorite singers and how most of them are blonde! Not that it matters, but being a brunette i just thought it was interesting. Maybe i should go blonde 😉  Here are some of my blondie inspirations, hehe :


Who are some of your fav girlie singer inspirations, Sweet World?



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5 responses to “Inspiring Singing Ladies

  1. Thats suuuper cool about you singin’!!!
    Um, I’d have to go with Gwen Stefani, she has my heart from the hood. Followed by sweet Adele and miss Duffy.

  2. Giiiirl, the dogs howl when I sing…it’s not a pretty site, tee hee!

    Jamie 🙂

  3. Aw I’m a brunette too! I think brunettes get blonde jealousy because it feels like blondes always seem like they’re having more fun!!

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