Cue the snow….

They called for snow, and for once it actually did. A lot. Three days after the storm, my street still looks like this:

At times like these, i wish Virginia was a northern state because people freak out here at one snowflake, much less over a foot of snow! Driving has been an experience, to say the least.

I actually was in Cleveland while the big storm was happening here. But i got to catch it all on the Weather Channel because they were here in town while i was gone. How cool is that?!  The Weather Channel in my hometown!

I was there doing “business” (blog post on that later) but managed to check out some local sights as well.  Check it out!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

Cleveland Browns Stadium:

Downtown Cleveland:

I hope you stayed nice and warm this weekend. Are you ready for the holidays yet?


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  1. Wowee, that’s alot of snow. Springfield gets like that when we get snow, everyone freaks out cause we never really get any snow… but Ice… yes… the Ice is where it is.

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