So, yes. I’m still alive. Thank goodness for that. I’ve been a little absent lately. That’s true. And i apologize. I really am way behind on checking in to all my fav blogs, as well as writing on my own. I started a job this past week. And 3rd shift, at that. You’d think i’d be used to staying up all night but it really has kicked my butt. It almost feels like i’m re-living the first two weeks of college cheerleading camp all over again. Almost. But now it’s my weekend and hopefully i can get some things done. I have a long list to accomplish. And don’t even know where to start. Sheesh. My life is a bit all over the place lately. I’m just trying to get settled and in a routine. Work and sleep are getting in the way of that. Anyhow. My apologies for being absent so much lately. I’ll try to work on it. And hopefully the internet i “borrow” from the neighbor will allow me to work on it too. Hehe.

Don’t forget to check out the Hello Sweet World shop. It’s still up and running. If i have at least one sale this year it’d be nice. Custom orders are always welcome.

I’m also going to be doing a giveaway soon. I have some cute goodies up for grabs. And especially if you like the color pink, you’ll definately want to keep a lookout for this giveaway.

I’m also still available for photo sessions (seniors, weddings, portraits, etc.) so check out my website and contact me for more info!

Until next time, here’s something new – a self portrait. And one of my cute doggy too. 🙂 



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7 responses to “Behind….

  1. so nice to hear from you. glad you are doing well. sending you a whole lot-a-love.


  2. Yo cuz, soon enough…you’ll be in the swing of things! Big slobbery smooches to you and Mr. Z 😉

    Jamie 🙂

  3. yay! glad to see and hear you are alive! :]

  4. hmmm, pink things? might be good for me…since i’m having a girl and all… 😉

  5. i’m sure things will settle in soon and you’ll be somewhat used to the third shift job. if anything you’ll have more daylight hours for lovely photos, right? 🙂 what’s your doggie’s name?

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