Just a Random Update.

Yup. Pretty random stuff here. It’s currently snowing outside and there’s a terrible draft in my room right now that i need to try and find so i can block it. Grrrrr………I just got off work and need to sleep…hehe.

In other news, when i first moved out here, i went to several flea markets and thrift shops. I got some good deals on lots of goodies but here are a few of my favs:

I was super excited to find a whole jar of buttons and a basket of yarn for cheap! I’m currently obsessed with the both of those things. And i found a Polaroid Mio camera, which is almost exactly like the new Fuji Instax Mini that i’ve been wanting, for just $3! All it needed was some new batteries and just like that it works! Super exciting. And it uses the Instax Mini film so yay! That’s my find of the year. I love it! I also found this little drawer thingy that now has a lovely home in my kitchen:

Also, Ms. Jen over at Something Big is Coming gave me this award a while back:

Thanks Jen! Now i’ll pass it on to these lovely people:

A Forest Frolic – She is my wonderful cousin and really has been more like a sister to me. I love her lots.

Musings…. – She is one of the first blogs i started to read. And she is a fellow animal lover, which makes me happy.

Necessary Room – She is the nicest person ever! And sends me emails just to check-up on me. So sweet!

Stuff by Xtine – She has the most colorful blog and makes the cutest things! I love reading her twitter messages too. They cheer me up.

So…..i think that about wraps it up for now. I think next time i’ll do my giveaway. Just because i can. Ha!

And don’t forget to check out the shop. Custom orders welcome! I really appreciate it  🙂



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7 responses to “Just a Random Update.

  1. Wow, girl!!! Awesome score on the camera!!! That’s soooo awesome!!!!! Go you!!!
    Great finds!! Can’t wait to see you again! One more month!!! xo

  2. JEALOUS of those buttons man! i LOVE buttons!

  3. Hooray for flea market finds! I miss thrift shopping…there isn’t too much of that good stuff around here is there? Love the little drawers and awesome find with the Mio and congrats on the glamorous blog award!

  4. Wowzah…those are some sa-weet finds! Almost as sweet as you cuz 😉 I love ya like a sistah too, thanks for the award (I’ll get back to you on my acceptance speach, tee hee)…

    Jamie 🙂

  5. oooh, i love the little drawers in your kitchen! i love things like that…have trouble finding such cute things around here though!

    thanks for the award! 🙂 i love your blog too!!!

  6. Hi there! how sweet is this? i am thankful that i met you and will cherish this award. thanks so much.

    the little drawers are too cute.


  7. I love all that stuff. Flea markets and thrift shops and garage sales–love them! Can’t wait till this weather breaks because now you’ve got me in the mood!

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