Just a little giveaway….

Yup, you heard – er, read right. I said i’d have a giveaway so i am. It’s really nothing special. I’ve been all discombobulated lately because of still trying to adjust to the night shift job. It’s really hard adjusting. Harder than i thought. I’ve basically been sleeping any time that i’m not working. Not cool. I have no life anymore! Anyhow. I am thankful i found a job so quickly and shouldn’t complain. I just need to set myself on a schudule, which is also hard since i want to get things done while i’m still awake. Plus i miss my online buddies. I really do…..!  So….on to business.

There are two prize packages to giveaway this time! Yay! The first prize package is:

The Robot Full of Love pack – includes an original drawing on canvas of my Robot Full of Love, small XO bubble plush (can be made into a pin, magnet or other accessory), a brown wallet and a little bunny just in time for spring!

And the second package is the Pink Power Pack – includes a stunning monochromatic pink thermos, a handmade crocheted pouch (my first one), a handmade crocheted headband and a little fuzzy pony!

I figured a giveaway would spice things up on the ‘ol Hello Sweet World bloggy blog and also, it’s partly for Valentine’s Day (hence the pink) and for my 200th post, which is just 4 posts away now! Yipee! Hehe…….

So, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post by, oh let’s say Sunday, Feb. 14th by midnight (or 11:59 pm CST for those who are technical..hehe) telling me your recent inspirations. This could be an etsy shop, a blog you love, a style, a fad, a book you read, and the list goes on and on. I need some inspiration lately to kick myself into gear so hearing yours might help a bit  🙂  Also, don’t forget to leave your name and link to your blog, if you have one. Sweet!

Happy giveaway, Sweet World. And stay warm!



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8 responses to “Just a little giveaway….

  1. pretty pretty!!!
    My inspiration has been seriously lacking lately.
    However, due to a recent heartbreak, I’ve decided to bust my ass and get creative once more. Trusting someone who so easily throws your love away burns, but I WILL create my way thru!! rawrrrr! (sorry, personal tangent…ha!)

  2. my recent inspiration has really been coming from new things i’m learning with my camera and lighting. i’m so excited about it all and it’s really pushing me to move forward and take more photos! :]

    the online world misses your presence so much!

    • Amy

      What an awesome giveaway!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I love it!!!! I’d probably jump up and down in an excited fashion if I won all that pink stuff. 🙂

      Inspiration? I’ve been pretty inspired by all the stuff I’ve been seeing by traveling through the various artsy blogs on the One World One Heart Blog tour (more info here:: http://bit.ly/a5D12f)

      Please visit my blogs:: BackseatWriter.com & AtypicalMusings.com.

      Amy (artsyrockerchick@aim.com)

  3. Lisa H

    My recent inspiration has been visiting different blogs to see what everyone else is doing. Its really been great.

  4. I’m currently reading Another Roadside Attraction, and the way the author goes about describing such tiny details in uncommon terms is really inspiring to me! It makes me think more about how I want an image to be evoked in someone’s mind; instead of me just telling them what to imagine.


  5. Hi there:

    Just stopping by to check in on you. We miss you too but we will be here whenever you stop in.

    my inspiration lately is the spirit of the people of haiti.

    one love.

  6. Vicki Wurgler

    my inspiration right now is my sister who has had some serious health problems but faces each day with hope

  7. Jennifer M

    My inspiration right now is the color of Chinese New Year.

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