It’s fall, and he loves his window….

I’m loving the fall weather. It’s sooooo much better than the super-high humidity out here in the midwest. I’m officially calling autumn my new favorite season. I used to love summer but i guess summer is so much better when you’re a kid – no school, seeing your friends every day, playing games with the neighborhood kids, catching lightning bugs (or “blink-flies”, as i liked to call them) and going to the pool. When you’re an adult, it’s just not the same. Especially when work is involved.

But fall – fall is amazing. Cool weather, starry nights, pumpkin spice lattes, open windows, blankets and sweatshirts, apple cider, candy corn. I love you, Fall. It’s true. And don’t even forget Halloween. Best. Holiday. Ever. Still. That’s true too. So, in true Fall fashion, here’s my new wreath to celebrate the season. Handmade by yours truly….

My doggie even likes the cooler weather. He loves his window….

And don’t forget about day trips and mini-photos…..

So, Sweet World, what’s your favorite thing about fall?



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4 responses to “It’s fall, and he loves his window….

  1. pumpkin spiced lattes and route 66 car show with my dad

  2. I love the wreath you made cuz…it’s be-u-ti-ful 😉

    Fall is my favorite season too, I love the crisp air…apple picking, pumpkin patches and hiking and camping in the chilly weather! Oh, and I LOVE having the windows open vs. the AC.

    Jamie 🙂

  3. I love the colours – reds, yellows, browns, oranges and yes, I love pumpkin spice although I can’t get it here in the UK and am waiting for my friend in the US to send me some.
    Just wondering if you received your gift of jewels yet Kristin? Have a great weekend.

  4. loving the owl…soooo cute.

    loving apple pies and nights cuddled under quilts.

    thinking of you. one love.

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