New Round of Cell-y Photos….

So, been super busy as of late. Work. Class. Sleep. Brainstorms. Love. Work. Class. Life. Work. What? Eek. Anyway. New round of photos from the cell phone below….and i hope to get another post up soon. About real stuff. You know, like unicorns and mermaids. Well, maybe not unicorns. Or mermaids. But i think you catch the drift. Even though unicorns and mermaids are real. Now back to the subject……



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4 responses to “New Round of Cell-y Photos….

  1. You are Amazing. Let me re-phrase that… you are AMAZING! I just got your card (it was sent to my inlaws in CA, but they just forwarded it to me) and I am just, so incredibly thankful to have gotten it today. One month since he passed. Thank you SOOO much!! And I will call, just to chat. Maybe about mermaids. Or unicorns. Which do you like better? Perhaps that is what we will chat about. 🙂
    A million and one hugs!

  2. Those are from a cell phone? Wow, they’re good. I love Casper’s. Looks like it should be in a movie on the Sundance channel.

  3. loving the mosaic…all beautiful, as are you.

    one love.

  4. i’m curious to know what kind of cell phone. i am obsessed lately with processing iphone photos with different apps. amazing how time flies when you are sitting in a waiting room. lol. these are great!!!

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