The Weekend: Blogged

I hardly ever post what i do on the weekends. Well, actually, this was only my second real weekend in about 10.5 months since i finally found a new job and don’t have to work at the worst retail-store-that-never-closes anymore! Yay! Anyhow. This past weekend was pretty fun. It was filled with sleeping late, yummy breakfast at a small local diner, thrifting (lots of thrifting), chinese take-out, tasty coffee, early morning burger runs and crafting a bit. 

I have about eight new items, both handmade and vintage goodies, to add to the shop! I was going to add some tonight but since my camera battery decided it wanted to die on me before i got some pics uploaded, it’ll just wait til tomorrow and later on in the week. So, be sure to check in and be on the lookout for new goodies!

The theme this weekend for thrifting was vintage furniture. There are some amazing pieces out there that would fit lovely in the homeplace  😉  Hehe. Now only if i could pull some money out of nowhere to get it all. Ha! Oh well, it’s still fun to look at it all and dream, right?!  It’s amazing that some of it even still exists. However, one piece of fantasic vintage was scored at the local Goodwill for a pretty good price, i think. But…..i’ll have to reveal that beauty in another post. I will say it’s from the 1950s though! And totally amazing. Hehe….ahh, suspense. I promise it’s worth the wait.

And how can you resist this face?  Overall, the weekend was a sucess!  How was yours, Sweet World?


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  1. cb

    oh thrift store shopping sounds amazing! i wanted to this weekend but it just flew by! your shop is super cute by the way 😉


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