Wishful Wonders Wednesdays

Now that i have more time to blog, and an internet connection, i’ve decided that Wednesdays will be my days to post photos of online inspirations of themes that i choose for that day, such as the cupcakes or snow posts i’ve done recently.  Therefore, i can post my photos and other randomness the other days of the week. Sound like a plan?!  Hehe…..so, this week – Seahorses!

I’ve been fascinated with ocean creatures for as long as i can remember – dolphins, mermaids  😉 , starfish – but nothing compares to the love i have for seahorses. They are the most elegant, mythical-looking creatures, and the male has the babies!  They’re just cute little guys with so much coolness to them. My classmate in a high school art class drew a picture of one and ever since then, i’ve been hooked. So, here’s a little inspiration for you to get hooked too!

(All images courtesy of weheartit.com)


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One response to “Wishful Wonders Wednesdays

  1. Oooh so pretty…you aren’t seahorsed out yet? 😉

    Jamie 🙂

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