Vintage Finds and Shop Update

First order of business – the Hello Sweet World shop!  I’ve been doing lots of updates lately and wanted to let you know that another update has been made with lots of goodies. Please check out the shop (Hyperlink wouldn’t work when i was posting this blog but you can visit there through my button on the right  🙂 ). There’s lots of holiday items, as well as the perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for everyone! Hehe……thanks for your support! Here are just a few items you might see in the shop:

On another note, a lot of thrifting has been going on lately and some amazing finds have been found!  I mentioned on my last post that something lovely was scored, so without further anticipation (hehe)……..

A cabinet! Actually…….no. It’s not just any cabinet. It hides a secret…..

How vintage amazing is that?!  It’s a 1950s RCA Victor Television and i loooooove it!  It is so beautiful, isn’t it?  I also scored these two beauties:

The Rolleiflex was picked up at an estate sale and the Yaschica was picked up at another thrift store right around the corner from where the TV came from. This season has been amazing for thrifting and vintage finds!  I’m seriously addicted to thrift shopping. Eeek! Hehe……

So, Sweet World – find any good thrift finds lately?


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