This post is just a mish-mash of things all in one – some cell phone photos, a warm winter Saturday preview and some linky love. I guess you could call it a general update. Or just general randomness. The weather was amazing over the last few days (in the 60s)! It was a nice break from the serious coldness but yet again, they’re calling for winter weather on Monday. Grrrr. I’d take sunshine and mid-60s every day! But i guess there’s no complaining since we at least got a little of it. Here’s a preview of the Saturday (i’ll be posting about the whole day on my next post):

I finally was able to get more instax film for my little polaroid camera and have been enjoying taking random photos with it. Fun! So glad i found it at a thrift shop for $3 and actually bought it, cuz i almost didn’t!  As for the linky love, here’s a few of my new favs:

And here is just a few shots that i’ve captured with my celly as of late:

Until next time, Sweet World…..  🙂


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  1. Thanks for the mention and the nice words 🙂 Love your polaroid shots!

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