A Saturday: Blogged.

This past Saturday, as i said before, was amazingly good weather for the end of January here in the midwest. It was probably pushing 70 degrees and it was nothing but blue skies. Perfect. Due to these conditions, the day had to consist of being outside, at least some, and doing things enjoyable around town. First, a meal at a local place called Purple Burrito was had. Yum. I think it’s one of my new favorite places to grub here in town.  Here are the results:

Next, an attempt was made to go to one of the popular parks in town but it was a little too popular, given the weather, so we just settled for some ice cream at this cute little place that was conveniently located across from the park:

I had mint chocolate cookie dough. It was tasty.  🙂  We then drove around town and i took random photos with my mini polaroid of cool little places that only i  probably get a kick out of. Hehe. That’s what makes it fun!  We found an ocean mural and it reminded me of Florida. Ahhh, beach……how i long for you.

We finished the last of the sunshine out with a trip to another park that i love, which i can also walk to, and it was much less crowded so that was a good thing.  More photos were a-taken.

I just couldn’t believe it was so warm in January! I loved it!  There’s nothing like a good dose of Vitamin D to cheer up the winter drag.  What have you done to get yourself out of the winter slump, Sweet World?



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4 responses to “A Saturday: Blogged.

  1. I wish it were so today! 🙂 That snow is nuts, but it looks like you had a great day! 🙂

  2. Your photos are making me hongry!!! lol
    Looks like a fun day!

  3. Sounds amazing sis! That burrito makes me super hungry and it is only 9:30am!!!

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