I love this guy….

So, this past week was a fun one. We got snow (about 8 inches, with about 2 more on Friday), as most of the country did, and i had two whole snow days. I haven’t had snow days since high school. Needless to say, as cold and blizzard-like as it was, you know me – i went out with my camera, twice. The wind was crazy the second time i went out and it seriously was a blizzard. Snow was swirling everywhere. Brrrrrr!

In between snow-cursions, i also snapped some photos of a little guy i love dearly.  He wasn’t feeling the greatest this past week so he actually posed for me a bit. Poor little guy……he’s doing better now, thank goodness!

Isn’t he just the cutest?! He’s my baby, and i wouldn’t know what to do without him (cheesy, yes, but true……).  Stay tuned for more snow pics on the next post. Oh, and i’ve updated the shop with lots ‘n lots of prints, as well as my flickr. Check ’em!



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2 responses to “I love this guy….

  1. cb

    the only thing missing here in cali is having snow days! i want one so that i don’t need to go to work! although when i was in high school…i lived in northern cali and two years in a row we got a thin layer of snow and it was sooo cold out an inch of our pool frooze! it was sooo awesome that i declared it a snow day and didn’t go in..hehe!

    he is such a cutey! i don’t know what i would do without my rosie! i love coming home to her and she always greets me at the door 😀 yay for pets!


  2. Strawbrykiwi

    I cannot get enough of his sweet face!!

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