Super Mario Love

Lately i’ve been obsessed with Super Mario and his buddies for some reason. Not exactly sure why, other than the fact it’s pretty much the only game i grew up on and even still play on my DS. I guess im still just a kid.   😉  Anyhow, here is my ode to Mario, and friends:




RESERVED FOR MANNAYA Super Mario Bros Amigurumi Lot (7pcs) Mario Goomba 1-Up Power Mushroom Bullet Bill Bob-Omb Starman crochet toy




super mario bros furniture 1


Aren’t those cakes AAAAAmazing?! Wow. I wouldn’t want to eat it. And the tattoo is also amazing (don’t worry Mom, i won’t be getting a Mario tattoo, hehe).  I think when i re-do my new craft room, i’m going to have Super Mario decals on the wall. How fun! And yes, i did just do an entire post on Super Mario.  🙂



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2 responses to “Super Mario Love

  1. Heyya! Thank you so much for your comment on my portfolio! Haha. No, not creepy. ;D I actually
    have a bit of a crush on YOUR photography. Is that creepy? 😀 If you’re ever in the Chicago land area, just let me know and we’ll have to meet up. What is very strange is that, lately I’ve been obsessed with Princess Peach. (odd) ❤ Cheyenne

  2. I love love love Mario! These are too cute!

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