Well, Hello…

Sweet World! I’m baaaaack. Hehe. I took a little bloggy break but i’ve returned – lucky for you, huh?  😉  You know how it can get with life these days. Lots of exciting stuff going on in the HelloSweetWorld front. But, shhhhhh, secrets! Anyhow. This post is just a bunch of randoms crammed into one. So, let’s begin the random journey, shall we?

  • I’ve been thinking of switching from my Nikon DSLRs to Canon. Suggestions? Thoughts? Tips? I haven’t tested one out in the store yet but plan to soon to see the difference. I bought one of my Nikons refurbished and i feel that it just hasn’t been right ever since i got it. It just seems something is off with the lighting or color in the camera, aside from my doings, hehe.
  • I found some good thrift finds lately and can’t get enough of the thrift shops around here. I have a serious obsession! This is not so good for my bank account. Eeek!  But here is one item i was able to upcycle, and these lovelies are now hanging in the hallway:


  • I feel like i’ve been eating everything in sight. I need a food makeover. And an actual makeover, but that’s just another story……
  • I finally got to make some cupcakes this past weekend. Yuuuuummmmmmmm!

  • I really like the cartoon Bob’s Burgers. That show is hilarious. The kids crack me up. They say the funniest things!
  • I want an iphone.
  • I can’t wait to go day trippin’ sometime soon. It is a must. I long for travel.
  • This guy will be 7 this week…. He’s becoming an old man!:

I can’t believe it’s March already. Happy March, Sweet World!


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One response to “Well, Hello…

  1. Welcome back! I love my Canon!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Your sweet guy will be 7! Wow! My Chi is 10 now and our new rescue pup is 6 mos. old! I love my animals just like you do! Soooo much!

    I can’t believe it’s March already either…

    Here’s to March!

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