A Reminder of Snow

I know that spring is almost here, and the snow has fully melted (at least for now…..),but i still want to share my photos from the big “snowpacolypse/snowmageddon/blizzard”  that the midwest got a month ago. I didn’t go out in the freezing, blizzard-like conditions just for my own health. Okay, so maybe i did. Or really just cuz i wanted photos. Anyhow, i’ll stop babbling and start sharing…..so grab a blanket and get warm, because it’s about to get a whole lot colder. Again.   😉    (As always, prints of anything on my blog, flickr and etsy shop are available, so feel free to contact me if you’d like one  🙂 )








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2 responses to “A Reminder of Snow

  1. these remind me of the pretty side of winter 🙂 Not the gross dirty phase we are in here in Ontario

  2. Brrr… I don’t want to remember all that snow! Where’s the sunshine?

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