I’ve been tagged!

And it’s the handwriting game!  Ms. @Strawbrykiwi tagged me in this post weeks ago, and of course, i’m just now getting around to it. Yea, call me a slacker……

Anyhow. Here are the questions:

1. Your name and your blog’s name
2. Your website
3. Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
4. Your favorite quote
5. Your favorite song
6. Your favorite band
7. Anything else you’d like to say to the class?

Here are the rules:

Write your responses to the questions below on a piece of paper, take pictures of them and post with your response, and tag three of your friends/favorites.

Here are my answers:   🙂

I’m tagging (but anyone can participate!):

Have fun!



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2 responses to “I’ve been tagged!

  1. Aww sweet cuz, thanks for the tag! Cute paper too.

    Jamie 🙂

  2. thanks so much for coming in today! sorry we didn’t get to chat more. it’s always SO good to see you!!! elsie

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