Lately i’ve been thinking about cute animals

(Next four images courtesy of

(I’m a sucker for big ear-ed animals…teehee.)

New wall art….

Home Among Trees - Rabbit, Deer or Bird - Digital Download - 7.5 x 10 inches Image(midnightbluart on etsy)

Groovy 70's Mushroom Embroidery Upcycled Ornate Teal Frame

(ModernVintageLiving on etsy)

And spring dresses….

Vintage- 60s 70s Floral Maxi Dress

(MalloryMakesThings on etsy)


What have you been day dreaming about, Sweet World?



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2 responses to “Inspirations…

  1. Cute indeed!!

    Jamie 🙂

  2. strawbrykiwi

    You’re a sucker for big ears too?? Must be a Papillon owner thing 😉

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