Random Facts About Me

I guess i show a lot of photos here on the ‘ol blog so for this post i’m going to just share some random facts about me, and you may or not may know about them. So, here goes:

  • I think everyone knows i pretty much love mustard. I don’t think love is even the right word, maybe like infatuated or obsessed would work better. They called me the ‘mustard queen’ in elementary school, and right now i have about 6 different types of it in my fridge. Not to mention i have a huge gallon bag of it that my friend brought me. Score!
  • I think Joshua Gates on Destination Truth is cute. And i love that television show.
  • The only TV i own is a vintage 1940s set that doesn’t even work.
  • I could care less if no one reads these facts about me, or even my blog (cuz not many do, really). I’m still gonna blog and tweet and take pictures because i like to – not to belong to the “cool kid clique” or pretend i’m someone i’m not. I’m no different from anyone else who has a million readers a day.
  • I haven’t been thrifting in nine days now. I feel like it’s been nine years.
  • I like to take random photos with my cell phone.
  • I really want to visit home. It’s been almost a year now since i’ve been, and seen my family.
  • I want to move to Arizona.
  • I think my new favorite food is pudding. The white chocolate pudding is delish!
  • My birthday is in less than a month now. Woohoo!
  • I like butterflies. And of course, seahorses.
  • I really like the movie Garden State. It’s a sweet story.
  • I only like to read if i’m really interested in something. I’m horrible at starting a book and never finishing it, or returning it way late to the library because i think i will finish it. Oops!

So, Sweet World, there ya go. There’s a little bit of me. What’s one random thing about you?



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2 responses to “Random Facts About Me

  1. You go girl! Love your list! And Love You!!

  2. I also take lot of random cell phone pics šŸ™‚

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