It is finally spring around these parts. Well, most of the time lately. I’ve been organizing, and going through stuff like mad. And going stir crazy just sitting around the house. I’ve been doing good with going on walks lately and working out a time or two and doing my arm workouts. At least there’s that. But before going off on a tangent i’m gonna bring this back to earth, k?  Here’s some photos, some new, some older, of my spring. Of the spring that i’ve seen it as through the lens. Have you had any cool captures lately, Sweet World? Or at least been enjoying your spring?

Oh, and here are some film shots i found while going thru some stuff. I love these and they turned out so well! I can’t believe they were hiding away…



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3 responses to “Spring.

  1. Lovely photos!! So glad spring is finally here!

  2. MOM

    YOU DO MISS HOME! The last pictures prove it.
    Don’t you just miss little Beanie!

  3. Oooh – such pretty shots! 🙂 I love your lil instax shots, too!

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