So, it seems as if technology is progressing. Or maybe it’s just progressed and i’m just now jumping on. Either way, lately i have seen much vlogs on regular blogs, and also found the world of YouTube channel vlogs. So, with that being said, i have joined the bandwagon. I know, i know – “if so-and-so jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?”  Nah. I just feel that while i love my blog here, i want to vlog too. I’d just like to see how it progresses. I see it as a fun little side project. Here is my new channel:  www.youtube.com/hellosweetworldsays  Please subscribe.  🙂  (And yea, you can laugh at me too….) I’ll be getting another, better camera up and running soon but was excited about getting this going so just used my cell phone.

Further, here are some channels i’m currently enjoying:






So, Sweet World, what do you think of the new vlog technology? For you, not for you, thoughts, comments, tips?



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2 responses to “Vlog

  1. hahahaha! OH MUH GOSH!!! You should work for KABOOM! 😉 Or Slap chop! You CRACKED ME UP!!!! I would totally live in Red Dead Redemption! Best game ever!! (ORRR maybe Fable 2)

  2. ooooo just found your blog from your comment! LOVE it. we’re happy we have another beautiful blog to read…

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