Yesterday after our trip to one of the state parks, we stopped to “look” at an abandoned house that was for sale. The two-story rock structure was still in pretty good condition, aside from the windows and interior being in horrible shape. But once we saw in the windows, we were taken back in time.

Look at that formica table! It just makes me wonder what happend to such a home that everything had to be left like that, and that family or anyone didnt try to sell any of the furniture, or at least donate it. The floors were pretty soft but i could’ve probably spent a couple hours there if i had a choice. I actually did some research on the property and the realtor listing says the home is not worth anything.  I did find further information about one of the previous owners and it said she moved here in 1940 and left in 1984 saying she would return but never did. Makes you think about what really happend and why such lovely furniture was left. I love abandoned places and am glad we stopped to take a peek at this one. Such history….



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5 responses to “Abandoned.

  1. SO cool! I love finding places like that! If I had all the money I could ever want, I would travel the world and fix places like this one up.

  2. This is INSANELY beautiful and what an amazing/rare find! I am loving these photos and the story is pretty amazing too!

  3. I love the photos very much! Now there is a crazy story about this place in my head…
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. cb

    so incredible to just stumble upon something like that! so interesting why almost everything got left behind! i most definitely would NOT have left that curtain fabric behind!


  5. JO

    It is actually quite sad, all that beautiful furntiure and that table (it would be gorgeous if cleaned up) Oh the stories that house could tell. p.s I love your blog..so sweet. Jo x

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